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Talyllyn Railway 2014

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The Talyllyn railway was first established in 1865, it was saved from closure in 1951 by a small group of amateur railway men led by Tom Rolt, becoming the first preserved railway in the World.

This video, shot in July 2014 with perfect weather shows this beautiful line in all its glory.

The Talyllyn railway runs on 2ft 3in narrow gauge tracks from Tywyn on West coast of Wales through a dramatic unspoilt valley 7 1/4 miles to Nant Gwernol. It was established by the 1865 Act of Parliament to carry passengers and slate from the Bryn Egwys Quarry.

In 2014 the Talyllyn continues to prosper and is still largely run by a dedicated group of highly skilled volunteers and a small full time staff.

Dolgoth Dolgouch TomRolt Fireman

This film will take you on the complete journey featuring Edward Thomas, Tom Rolt and Dolgogh steam locomotives. With a dramatic cab ride on Edward Thomas, and plenty of lineside action in perfect July 2014 weather. Also featured is an outing with Dolgoch and the Vintage Train. A short section from GWP's 1991 Talyllyn film shows the naming of the new locomotive Tom Rolt.

Filmed and edited with 16:9 wide screen high resolution definition Sony equipment by Graham Whistler and and Jeff Freestone with special help from long term Talyllyn Railway volunteer John Smallwood.

Narrated by BBC's Nicholas Owen.




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